About the project


„Developing students’ emotional intelligence – EQstudents” is a 3-year project (2021-2024) that is beingimplemented under KA2, School Education, Erasmus+ program.

The primary objective of the EQstudents project is to design, test, and implement a comprehensive system that facilitates the development of emotional intelligence (EQ) in school-age children, specifically targeting those aged 6 to 15 years old. In the long-term perspective, the EQstudents project will make significant contributions towards nurturing an emotionally intelligent generation.

The project directly addresses:

A notable gap in national educational systems, namely the absence of a structured curriculum that specifically targets the development of emotional intelligence components in primary and lower-secondary schools. This gap becomes apparent when considering the emphasis placed on scientific accomplishments and the cultivation of cognitive intelligence, as highlighted by Goleman. By focusing on this crucial aspect, our project aims to bridge this educational disparity and integrate emotional intelligence development into the core curriculum, ensuring a more holistic and balanced approach to students’ growth and well-being.

The pressing need for the educational community, including schools, teachers, and parents, to collaborate and unite in a concerted effort to support children and teenagers in their emotional intelligence development. This entails the provision of dedicated tools and models tailored to address the unique needs of students.

The project takes on a cross-sectoral approach, uniting seven partners from five EU countries (Poland, Italy, Cyprus, Romania, and Greece) with diverse backgrounds. These partners bring expertise in various fields such as neuroscience, game development, therapeutic intervention, and the creation of innovative and creative teaching tools. By forming this alliance of experts and organizations from both within and outside the education sector, we aim to leverage diverse perspectives to design and develop resources specifically tailored for the emotional intelligence development of children and teenagers in both school and home settings.

Target groups

School-age Children (6-15 years old): The primary focus of the project is on developing the emotional intelligence of children within this age range.

Primary and Lower-Secondary Schools: The project actively involves primary and lower-secondary schools as key stakeholders. It is to provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to integrate emotional intelligence development into the curriculum and create supportive learning environments.

Parents and Caregivers: Recognizing the vital role of parents and caregivers in a child’s emotional development, the project seeks to engage and provide them with resources, guidance, and strategies to promote emotional intelligence in their children both at home and in partnership with schools.

Experts and Professionals: The project endeavors to collaborate with experts and professionals from various fields, such as neuroscience, psychology, education, and game development. Their expertise and insights will contribute to the creation of effective tools, models, and interventions for emotional intelligence development.

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