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EQ Kids Model

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EQ Teens Model

(students ages 11-15)

EQ Assessment Tool

for students ages 11-15

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Hybrid game

for students ages 11-15


International training activity in Rome!

We've just completed an intensive week of training hosted by our Italian partner in Rome. Twelve experts from our partners participated in the training. During this time, we engaged in inspiring workshops focused on emotional intelligence development among school-aged...

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EQKids & Teens Models under evaluation

We've invited over 25 external experts to review the content of the envisioned program focused on fostering emotional intelligence development in children aged 6-10 and youth aged 11-15, both in school and home environments. Each program encompasses four main...

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Person responsible for the project in Poland:

Anna Bartosiewicz-Woźniak

nr telefonu

+48 533 328 495

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