for students ages 11-15

The hybrid game will aim at developing and nurturing 4 key dimensions of EQ in social relations i.e. Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Social awareness, Relationship Management.

The game will be addressed to teenagers aged 11-15 who will be taking step by step in the game according to the developed story to learn how to adapt to changing environment, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges or defuse conflict correctly. These abilities are necessary to build successful interpersonal relationships and to ensure professional successes as an adult.

The hybrid game means that some part of the game will take place in virtual environment (on-line groups via laptops, tablets) and some part of the game will be in a form of outdoor game with printed materials (e.g. maps, tasks) moderated by a teacher. Teenagers will play together in a virtual environment, and partly on the field, carrying out specific tasks to develop emotional intelligence.

The game will be accompanied by a moderator’s manual, cards, maps according to the tasks included in the game.

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