for teachers and parents

The training toolkit „Emotional Intelligence: What Teachers and Parents Can Do -training and professional development”  for teachers and parents will be available in the form of asynchronous on-line training on EQ, in multimedia form (incl. videos, exercises, practical tasks, podcasts, live short webinars for teachers and parents on the topic (recorded) OER, etc.) available via on-line platform.

The platform will de divided into two parts/sections

For teachers/ pedagogists/ psychologists

Exemplary content:

  • What is EQ?
  • The importance of EQ in human life
  • The role of teachers in the development of EQ in children
  • Emotionally intelligent teacher
  • Identify, name and express emotions
  • The power of emotions as energy to act
  • How to help your child deal with difficult emotions?
  • How to work individually with a child for EQ development?
  • How to work with an IE development group?

For parents

Exemplary content:

  • How to talk to a child about emotions?
  • How to react to a child’s strong emotions?
  • How to teach a child to recognize, name and express emotions?
  • Home exercises to develop empathy
  • How to teach a child to recognize other people’s emotions?

The trainings will be free of charge, easily accessible and available for the public.

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