EQ Kids Model

(students ages 6-10)

„Model of working with a pupil aged 6-10 for development of emotional intelligence – EQ Kids”  will define processes, tools and rules of working with pupils aged 6-10, especially these ones with adaptive difficulties, for development of emotional intelligence in educational environment and at home involving teachers, tutors, school pedagogues, psychologists and parents. 

The model will present the comprehensive scheme how to work with a pupil and support him in development of emotional intelligence. The addressees of the model will be school personnel i.e. teachers, tutors, school pedagogues, psychologists, parents but also sociotherapist and other experts working with school-aged children.

The expected content of the Model:


Description of emotional intelligence and its components, the importance of EQ in daily life of a child, incl. its importance during a pandemic crisis, the significance of EQ for human development and functioning on the labour market.


Role of teachers in development of emotional intelligence of pupils. A set of guidelines incl. organisation, process, rules of working with a pupil for teachers focused on development of EQ, including tools i.e. worksheets for individual classes (a workbook for a child)


A set of guidelines/hints, rules of individual work with a pupil for psychologists, school pedagogues, sociotherapists as other experts – scheme of individual work – 2-month programme composed of min. 16 meetings of a professional with a child. Additionally there will be workbook for a child with task/work sheets, tasks dedicated to every meeting.


A set of guidelines, rules for working with a group / class and 17 lesson scenarios developing EQ along with materials for students (introductory classes, 3 lessons for each component of EQ and summary classes). Scenarios will be used for educational lessons but also extracurricular activities.


Parent support – tips for teachers on how to support parents in children’s EQ development. This section of the model will also include 5 scenarios of meetings with parents, the purpose of which is to develop parents’ competences in the development of their children’s EQ.

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