EQ Assessment Tool

(students ages 11-15)

“Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tool for a pupil aged 11-15” A multidimensional psychometrical electronic tool will be designed for diagnosis of 4 dimensions of emotional intelligence of students aged 11-15 based on Goleman concept.

It will meaasure the following key components of emotional intelligence:




Self-management (or self-regulation)


Social awerness


Relationship Management

The tool will automatically generate individual feedback on the subject of 4 dimensions of EQ. Based on the diagnosis results, the generated report will contain a description of the levels of EQ dimensions with tips for the child (how to develop emotional intelligence) and for teachers and parents (how to help a child in development of EQ, what exactly teachers can do during lessons and parents at home to support a teenager in development of EQ).

The tool will be accompanied by a Manual.

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